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Sleeping Star, my first webcomic was added!

The second and final episode will be available on November 26th of 2008

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miércoles, 26 de noviembre de 2008

Sleeping Star - Part 2 of 2

Well, the second part of my comic has started! In the first episode, Telli, a female angel rejected by her Heaven mates because they think She is guilty of their mother's death, descend to earth looking for evidence that proves she wasn't responsible of this. Passing through a really hard ritual She fuses with a sacred veil (The malkarath) which allows her to descend to earth without memories and inside a body similar to the human body.
However, the ritual fails, and Telli still remembers Heaven. Because of that, Earth appears to her like a contradictory hell of emotions. Confused, She runs across the streets, meeting Orcides, a demoness who really wants to welcome her...
The second part is in http://sleepingstar.smackjeeves.com/comics/501413/she-hates-her-yeah-yeah-yeah/ or click the image above.
If you wanna read the first one go to http://sleepingstar.smackjeeves.com/comics/480903/cover-sleeping-star/

I'm going to upload the second part of Sleeping Star from now on, every Wednesday. It will be one or two pages, depending of how busy is my week, but at least will be one every week.
The first part had a lot of grammar mistakes, because I'm not so good in English, but now the first and second part were retranslated with the help of Beks, Tezzle and Agustina Hasbani... Enjoy it without mistakes!! And thanks to them!
Enjoy and please comment!

jueves, 23 de octubre de 2008

Sleeping Star - Part 1 of 2

Hi! Welcome to the first Universe - J Comic!. The concept of this webpage is to present one new comic every month and make all the stories related in one or more point (that's why I use the word "Universe"). I'm an amateur artist that wants to share all the comics that until today only existed on my mind.
"Sleeping Star" premise is the following: Telli, a female angel, decides to go down to Earth, looking for someone or something that tells Her that She wasn't inducer of her mother's death.
The second part of this comic will be available on November 26, of course, of 2008. Enjoy!
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